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forza milan, forza kaka - brimful of starlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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forza milan, forza kaka [May. 3rd, 2007|07:09 pm]
[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]

brilliant brilliant brilliant.
milan-manutd 3-0.
honestly, i was quite disappointed with manutd, cos normally they play very well, and is a joy to watch, but last night they were completely lacklustre and didnt even put in an any effort worth mentioning about.
quotes new paper: what is wrong with man u? first, cristiano ronaldo disappears from the entire game. then, when wayne rooney was given a chance to simply head at goal, he tries and acrobatic-and unsuccessful- attempt instead. Even Nemanja Vidic seems to be inviting KAKA to shoot across goal. strange day for the devils indeed.
that sums it up quite well.
ah yes the milan fan shall rave about milan instead. Rossoneris OWNED. I think it was really a perfect game on our side (yes moi am proud to be one milan fan ):D. gattuso+pirlo=love. and the defense was good, gilardino finally did something, and of course KAKA > ALL. I feel proud to be a milan fan :D
oh ferguson has been reported to praise milan for their good game and everything, which i think is really sweet. XD and shows good sportsmanship as well, and he was fair in his comments. unlike a certain mourhino that seems to have the continual habit of criticizing anything that he does not deem fit to exist in the presence of His Royal Highness whenever he loses. tt dude has a seriously foul mouth man.
last night was magic.
and then its payback now. milan-liverpool. and liverpool will stand no chance against the italian giants.
liverpool, eat your heart out. XD
okay actually i like, have nothing against them. steven gerrard is muchlove. but. the italians will have their double expresso shot of revenge come 23rd. (haha quotes from somewhere: vengeance - the slytherin way :D)
Athens 23rdmay. home of the gods. home of the Rossoneri heroes.
May Zeus be with us. <3