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and hence concluded df'07. srsly i never imagined our sch productions… - brimful of starlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 24th, 2007|11:14 pm]
[Current Music |the silence]

and hence concluded df'07. srsly i never imagined our sch productions were like so damn good... everyone was stage looked and sounded and acted like pros hahaha... thot bw was the best!!! haha and so was hh *hse loyalty* yes but they were all excellent and then the rpexco came and did some impromptu-looking-but-not-impromptu spoofs that were so spontaneous and pro... haha it was jus like humanzparty... the j2s looked so mature compared to us... i think these two years will seriously change everyone. wonder how i'll be like nt yr hahaha.

still in <3 with kaka yesh.

oh yah i wanted to like mention. to myself yes. that maybe end of yr i may go to france again alone... tt'll like force me to speak french everywhere and depend on myself. trying to work out wif my parents so it'll be tentative... but yah... if i can it'll be great... i can just imagine 2 wks of complete freedom... and living paris. going to museums alone looking at architecture and art and beauty and monuments and streets and people. walking along the river, going to those lovely markets... ahhh i hope i can go.

paris, je t'aime.

and to marseille to feel tt salty fresh air caressing my face. and to menton to see fresh lemons. and to grasse to be embraced by scents. to cannes to feel the glamour. to nice along the promenade d'anglais, strolling on the pebbled beach watching sunset. wonder how i've always had such a dreamy perception of france... it seems like the ideal setting for a dream no?

hope i can go to france. tout seul.